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Whisky Tastings

Whisky tastings are as popular as wine tastings.

From your base here at Ben Luna Lodge you can get to a number of distilleries in under an hour for both a visit and a tasting.

January 31, 2024

Whisky has been distilled in Scotland since at least the fifteenth century and today whisky tastings are as popular as wine tastings and have become the latest trendy status symbol - knowing your TALISKER from your TOMATIN.

From your base here at Ben Luna Lodge you can get to a number of distilleries in under an hour for both a visit and a tasting.

The closest ones are GLEN ORD, BEN NEVIS and TOMATIN

Of course we here at The Lodge can organise a tutored tasting as well with our very own John Robins and no worries about who drives.

A single malt is a whisky that has been distilled from malted barley and is the product of one distillery.

A pure vatted malt is a mixture of single malts from several distilleries and a blended whisky is a mixture of various grain whiskies about 60% and malt whiskies about 40% from many different distilleries

A single malt is like a fine wine and captures the essence of the region where it is made and matured, involving a lot of elements like the water, the barley, the peat, the smoke, the oak barrels, and the distilleries that are near the coast and on islands seem to embrace the sea ,the salt and the air to provide a very distinctive flavour particularly whiskies from the island of Islay of the West Coast.

So the" dram"- Scottish term for a shot of whisky - you are having is a complex, fascinating  drink that should be drunk slowly and savoured.

Single malts should be drunk with a little spring water; we have our own here at Ben Luna Lodge - Fionnar- or neat never with ice or a mixer.

Whisky takes a long time to mature so it should be treated with reverence.

Put a note in your diary to come North and stay with us at Ben Luna for some of the Highland Whisky Festivals:
• Dornoch Whiskey Festival: 28th - 30th October 2022
• Spirit of Speyside Whiskey Festival:  26th April – 1st May2023

The doors of Speysides world famous distilleries will be open, inviting visitors from across the Globe to meet the makers and taste the world's finest whiskies and discover the passion behind them.

Put it in your diary and we look forward to seeing you here at Ben Luna Lodge

Finally our whisky toast in the Gaelic Language is - SLAINTE !!!!!!!!! pronounced

SLAAAN TCHAY said quickly.

Enjoy our National drink - Whisky and have a dram on us on your arrival.